Sep 16
Dec 31, 2023

Aperilunch at Eataly at The Beach, JBR!

Perched on the shoreline in Dubai’s popular JBR community, Eataly at The Beach is set to launch both an Aperilunch and revamped Aperitivo menu that promise to captivate the senses, blend exquisite Italian flavours with the charm of seaside dining, and deliver la dolce vita to Dubai’s dining scene.

Stemming from traditional Italian culture, Aperilunch has been created to bring the local community together and is poised to debut on September 16 before becoming a regular Saturday indulgence. Running from 12pm to 4pm and priced at Dh59 for a single drink or Dh150 for a package of three, guests can relish a delightful assortment of Italian appetizers. The select menu includes Frittura Con Verdure, complemented by Herbs Mayo, and the tantalising Pizza Al Taglio, available in a variety of chef-curated flavours. For those with a taste for the traditional, Tarallini provides a savoury option, while the Mini Sicilian Cannoli ends the culinary journey on a sweet note.

For those seeking an Italian culinary adventure, Eataly at The Beach offers a bi-weekly Aperitivo experience on Fridays, starting September 22. Taking pride in innovation and collaboration, the team of in-house mixologists work closely with Italian head chef Antonio Iacovelli to craft a diverse range of more than 10 meticulously prepared beverages, including classic Italian grape-based specials, cocktails, and more. Also priced at Dh59 and Dh150 for one beverage or three respectively, the package is complemented with unlimited access to Chef Iacovelli’s curated buffet available from 7pm to 9pm.

For reservations and inquiries, contact or call 04 561 1185.

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