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Rogue Coffee

What we’re all about:

Our Coffee Philosophy

Rogue Coffee is an unconventional coffee concept in the sense that unlike what is commonly offered, we strive to put more emphasis on using the right blends and correct methods in brewing specialty coffee, providing an experience that is distinctive depending on what you choose to indulge in. Our menu also features delectable bites made from organic ingredients such as our flatbreads, freshly made salads & baked pastries, and exclusive desserts. 

The Coffee Beans

Our coffee blends have been tested and developed by master roasters to always guarantee the real Italian espresso quality and aroma.
In addition to our traditional blend, our menu also features exclusive single-origin blends from around the world such as Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and so on; keeping the experience open to a fresh coffee note, every visit.

For us, delivering a unique experience is not a dream but a reality. We consistently strive to not only master new brewing methods but to provide a knowledgeable experience starting with our well-trained baristas at the forefront.

Rogue Coffee practices with well-trained professionals to ensure our service is up to the standard we keep our coffee at, mastering our intricate and delicate processes for our manually brewed coffee ranging from the V60, Kalita, Syphon and Chemex methods, as well as our homemade Cold Brew coffee which features a smooth Nitro variation, perfect for a hot summer day at the beach.

Huskee Cups & Eco-Friendly Disposables

A designer reusable coffee cup made for cafes, our Huskee Cup features coffee husk as a raw material. Not only does this help in utilizing an eco-friendly re-purpose material, the reusability of these cups help decrease toxic footprints as it is BPA-free in addition to our completely compostable range of disposable items.

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