There’s no better place to be than The Beach

Come play at The Beach, where our coastal-town cafes meet high-street shopping and beachside relaxations meet the latest blockbuster films.

Take in the stunning seaside views while enjoying a gourmet family meal or an evening with friends at Bla Bla Beach Club.


What’s On

Find the latest happening, events and promotions at The Beach

  • Make the most of your trip with your Emirates boarding pass
    14 Jul - 31 Mar 2022
  • Veganuary at Bla Bla!
    31 Dec - 31 Jan 2022
  • Dubai Shopping Festival
    16 Dec - 30 Jan 2022
  • UNHCR’s ‘Aiming Higher’ campaign to support tertiary education for refugees
    12 Nov - 31 Mar 2022


  • Shop with a view
  • Shop with a view

    Find your favourite brands and browse through unique boutiques at Dubai's beachfront.

  • Gorgeous seaside dining
  • Gorgeous seaside dining

    Enjoy an evening of exquisite flavours, breath-taking views and a lively community.


  • Relax with Sea Breeze
  • Relax with Sea Breeze

    Towels... Umbrella... camping chairs? Why carry so much when Sea Breeze has it all? The perfect beach day should be relaxing and hassle-free.

  • Bla Bla Beach Club
  • Bla Bla Beach Club

    Looking for the ultimate place for a late-morning bite, sundowner drinks & the best bar-hopping experience? Join us at Bla Bla Dubai!