Welcome to The Beach, your new favourite hangout

The Beach has it all, from sun, sand and sea to shopping and dining, a cinema, watersports, a gym and more.

Beach experiences


It's always shop-o-clock

Stroll through minimalistic walkways and find something a little more ‘you’ while shopping the latest trends ranging from fashionable home-grown concept stores to international retail boutiques, The Beach offers a new experience in beachfront shopping.


Your mouthwatering journey starts here

Restaurants at The Beach cater to a range of eclectic tastes, including both casual dining and a selection of shore-side cafes. We’ve got you covered - from quick service restaurants to boutique-style eateries and sophisticated dining choices, this is the spot to dine.

Curbside Pickup Now Available

It’s contactless, easy and free.

You can now shop from your favorite stores with a reduced wait time, through a simple, contactless three-step process without getting out of your car.
Place your order. Arrive to the agreed pickup location. Receive your order from the comfort of your car.

Step outside the box

Get inspired and test your creativity.

Follow our retailers for a series of fun Outside the Box tutorials you can do right at home. From stirring up a sensational milkshake and building a famous burger, to creating a make-up look that will turn heads. This is just the beginning.

Experience ROXY

Change the way you experience movies

The Beach isn't only a paradise for dining and leisure but also your destination for entertainment... Start or end your day with a movie at The Roxy Cinemas.


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