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Miss working out outdoors?
Try these exercises put together by Adventure HQ in collaboration with Alexandra Marie @fitmumdubai

Age: 35

Nationality: Swedish

Alexandra received her diploma in Sweden and has been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2011. Working mostly with mothers, her expertise lies in diastasis recti (post-partum) and has great knowledge when it comes to nutrition. She believes training should be fun and inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for training can be seen in every workout that she does live on Instagram (@fitmumdubai). Her classes include exercises for the whole family and if followed; results are guaranteed. What makes her different is that she loves what she does and the reason of doing this is purely to bring a positive change in peoples lives. 

Miss working out outdoors. Try these exercises put together by Alexandra: 

1. Dynamic stretch – 30 seconds * 2 reps
2. Cross elbow and knee – 30 seconds * 2 reps
3. Toe touchers – 30 seconds * 2 reps
4. Jumping jacks – 30 seconds * 2 reps
5. Shoulder taps – 30 seconds * 2 reps

“Push your limits, because when you think you can’t do it anymore you have a lot left to give. It’s all a mental game, control your mind and the body will follow. Be stronger than your excuses”!
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